Rental Rules and Requirements and Safety Guidelines


· Carefully inspect the rental Bike prior to use to ensure the Bike is good operating condition.

· Test the Bike’s operating components before proceeding with the intended use, including, but not limited to the brakes, tires, gears, pedals, lights, frame, bell and seat.

· Promptly notify an Ebike Niagara representative of any defect, malfunction or needed repair to a Bike

· Adjust seat to proper height prior to operating the Bike.

· Adjust Bike riding behavior for safe operation according to weather conditions.

· Adjust Bike riding behavior so that it is that of a reasonably experienced and prudent bike rider.

· Always have the brake engaged when loading on the Bike and/or turning on the controller power to the ON position. Always turn the controller power to the OFF position before unloading from the Bike.

· Helmets must be worn properly at all times while operating the Bike. If the participant does not bring a helmet one will be provided.

· When parking bikes Participants must turn off the power and lock the Bike to a suitable structure such as a bike rack or lock around the wheel and frame or lock bikes together around the frames or rear wheels. Ebikes must be parked in designated areas for bike parking such as a bike rack or in an area that does not obstruct a business’ normal operation such as doors or walkways or access points.

· All literature, videos and direct instruction from Ebike Niagara and it’s representatives must be followed.

· Waiver forms and ID checks must be completed and verified before the rental is complete.